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167393/4/2020David DohrenM7BLaguna Lakes
167423/7/2020Margaret ElizondoH7CThe Fortuna Peaks
167983/11/2020Charles WeagraffM6BHellhole Canyon Maidenhair Falls (Optional)
167543/14/2020 CANCELLEDMichael McDonaldM13CRUN TO (FROM) THE BORDER
168003/18/2020 CANCELLEDBecky GuentherM7BPCT To Eagle Rock
167993/20/2020 CANCELLEDLesley GregoryM4ADay Hike Blue Sky Ecology Reserve
168023/25/2020 CANCELLEDArmin KuhlmanM7BDyar Spring Hike
167384/22/2020 to 4/26/2020 CANCELLEDApril ArmijoH15DCancelled - Highline Trail #31 - Pine TH
167054/23/2020 CANCELLEDKaren NelsonM7AMonument Peak/Boulder Loop Trails
167064/24/2020 CANCELLEDKaren NelsonM5BTonto Natural Bridge State Park
168204/24/2020 and 4/25/2020 CANCELLEDRose WilliamsE6CAgua Caliente Group Car Camp
167074/25/2020 CANCELLEDKaren NelsonM7CHorton Spring Via Horton Creek Trail
166455/20/2020 to 5/24/2020 CANCELLEDApril Armijo Cancelled - Bus Trip: GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK
166875/20/2020 to 5/24/2020 CANCELLEDDoug GroverH7EMay Bus Trip - Horseshoe Mesa Backpack
167087/16/2020 CANCELLEDKaren NelsonM5CHike Horse Creek/Horsetail Falls-CANCELLED
167097/17/2020 CANCELLEDKaren NelsonM8CBarney Lake Trail- CANCELLED
167107/18/2020 CANCELLEDKaren NelsonM6DHike Virginia Lakes To Summit Pass-CANCELLED
167568/12/2020 to 8/16/2020PJ JefferyM5BTwenty Lakes Basin
167578/12/2020 to 8/16/2020Monica ElrodM3BPolly Dome Lakes
167588/12/2020 to 8/16/2020Mike FryM6CPorcupine Creek To Sunrise Lake
167598/12/2020 to 8/16/2020April ArmijoH10EWaterfalls And Swimming Holes Of Yosemite's Grandest Canyon
167608/12/2020 to 8/16/2020Diane HargroveS10EGrand Canyon Of The Tuolumne Backpack

Bike Rides

167433/1/2020Hao Zhang3-BNORTH COUNTY SUNDAY RIDE
167443/8/2020Ron Manherz3-BNORTH COUNTY SUNDAY RIDE
167453/8/2020Neil Brooks4-B-PROUTE 56 JUNIOR EXPRESS RIDE
167463/14/2020Allen Ramrus3-A-SRIDE AROUND TOWN
167483/15/2020Dawn Nowlin4-A-PCORONADO JR EXPRESS RIDE
167493/17/2020Jerry Fitzsimmons3-B-SIRISH TACO TUESDAY RIDE
167503/22/2020Jerry Fitzsimmons3-BMISSION BAY SUNDAY RIDE
167513/29/2020Lynn Reaser3-BNORTH COUNTY SUNDAY RIDE

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