Your Name or Alias
Usually your last name is enough to identify you. If there are other leaders who also have your last name, you can use your first name and last name (like jim smith or james smith). Your first name and preferred name are in the database, and the login process will check for a match on either.
You can also use your alias to log in. Your alias is usually your first initial and last name, with no spaces (like jsmith). Your alias as assigned when you are first entered into the database, and does not change afterward.

Enter your SC Membership#
If you have not chosen a password, you will be asked for your Sierra Club membership number.

Enter your Password
If you have previously supplied a password, you will be asked for your password instead of your member#. Your password is encrypted and stored encrypted for your privacy. It uses a one-way encryption algorithm, and can not be "unencrypted." The login process encrypts the password you supply, and compares it with the encrypted value that is stored in your database record.